Your centralised Gym Management System in the cloud
with unlimited user, employee, trainer management and much more.


Customer Management

End to end customer management flow, right from when a prospective client enters the premise an enquiry can be created with client's personal details. Follow up with the enquiry and manage appointments and reminders, and much more.

Employee Management

Manage employee attendance and track their progress on targets. Create monthly targets for employees and see realtime efficiency and targets. See company and gym leaderboards based on efficiency. Provide fine grained access level to each employee based on their designation.

Trainer Management

See trainer performance, efficiency and leaderboard. Manage their PT schdules and PT cuts. Trainers have a separate login dashboard to manage their clients from the CRM or from the trainer mobile app, where they can manage and create client schdule.


POS with capability of selling multiple plans in different categories, coupon code support, multi mode payment in single sale. Configurable restrictions for minimum selling prices, freeze days, upgrade days, coupon discount and much more.

Plan Freeze/Upgrade

Every plan can be separately configured for freeze and upgrade. Clients can either freeze their plans from the client mobile app or employees can do it from the CRM. Freeze amount and how many freeze days are allowed can be configured easily from the extensive settings page.


Coupons to provide discount on plans. Coupons can be configured to provide fixed discount, percentage discount, maximum discount amount, number of times a coupon can be applied. Coupon can be generated for all users or user specific coupons can be created from the CRM by privileged users based on permission given by the admin.

Follow Ups

Employees can followup with enquiries or customers and log their status along with any notes and reminder date. Followups may also lead to schduling appointments which show up on the employee's dashboard on the designated day. Followup target can be configured for each employee as well.


Efficiency tracking is a vital part of the system, which allows a quick look into how the gym efficiency is at any point of time. Realtime leaderboard is shown based on each employee's efficiency. Employee can track the exact data points they need to work on to improve their performance.


See where your enquiries are coming from, what plans are being sold, what expenses are buring a hole in your pocket and more. Separate analytics dashboard for a quick look at how your company is performing, how much per sqft revenue you're getting, how much revenue per customer in each gym and many other insights into your business.

Mobile App

ShapeMeNow mobile app caters to both trainers and your clients. It's an easy solution for your trainers to manage their clients and create their schedules. Clients can check their training plan and membership plans in the app as well as freeze or upgrade their plans and chat with their trainers, right from the ShapeMeNow mobile app.

Never skip a training day

Keep track of your training progress and know exactly when your training days are, months in advance.

Your trainer anytime, anywhere

Always stay in touch with your trainer using the ShapeMeNow app and ask for feedback.

See your progress stats

No need to wonder if your training is really helping you? You'll have personalized stats on how much the training you've been working so hard on has been helping.


Your centralised Gym Management System in the cloud
with unlimited user, employee, trainer management and much more.

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