Cancellation policy

Any workout is considered consumed if the trainee, attached to the Trainer, marks it as complete.

In the event that a client of shapemenow has paid for any number of workouts in advance, value equivalent to the unused number of workouts, calculated prorata, will be deducted from the next plan that will be generated.

The value equal to the unsued amount can also be used to make any other in app purchases, but under no circumstance is money returned to the client, with the exception of a payment error.

A training plan is considered void from the date of commencement of a new plan. All workouts before that, that have been consumed will be billed to that plan.

If the client pays his/her dues after usage, payments must be made within one month of generation of the consolidated invoice. Upon default services will be terminated and the data will no longer be visible until full payment of dues.